Transition Booklet

We are proud to have produced a unique Transition booklet for Belfast

A huge part of growing up is CHANGE. Changing schools, moving house, changing friends, changing as individuals, changing jobs or even changing cars… change happens and sometimes its good and sometimes its bad and it can be scary. Its all about stepping into the unknown.

Working alongside the fantastic teams in Paedatrics and ACHD we have produced a unique Transition Booklet for teens living in Northern Ireland with CHD. This booklet tells you everything you need to know about Transition, who is involved, where your appointments will be and also a helpful who’s who of faces you might meet.

We have also packed it full of information which you have said you would find helpful, there is information on travelling, drugs, alcohol, sex, stress and more. At the back we also have included some helpful sections to take to appointments with you. You can get a digital copy here or email us ([email protected]) or ask your Transition Nurse when you meet them for a copy.