Going on Holiday

Family holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together and escape the stress and strain of everyday life. Travelling with a child with a heart condition can require a little extra thought so we have compiled some top travel tips along with suggestions for insurance.

Top Holiday Tips

  • When planning your holiday think about your child’s heart condition and whether it will impact on where you might go and when.
  • Check with your GP or cardiologist that it is ok for your child to travel.
  • Bring details of all medication and doses with you and know where the closest hospital, chemist and doctor’s surgery are located.
  • Take enough medication to last throughout the holiday and extra where possible in case of delays. If the medication requires refrigeration, make sure it is available.
  • If travelling by air or overseas your GP should provide a letter to explain your child’s condition, medication requirements and any medical devices he/she might have.
  • When booking accommodation consider access and vicinity to activities and facilities.
  • Make sure you have suitable travel insurance in place.


Travel Insurance

The most important consideration for anyone when travelling is to make sure you have suitable travel insurance in place that fully covers all travellers in the event of anything unexpected happening. This means full disclosure of your child’s medical condition, history and medication. Hopefully you will never need to make a claim. However, if you do all details disclosed on your application will be checked and anything incorrect or left off the application can be used as grounds to refuse the claim.

We have listened to feedback from our heart families and compiled a list of insurance companies to consider based on their experience and recommendations. Please note that we do not endorse the work of these companies and cannot guarantee they will provide suitable cover for each family’s individual needs. We would advise that you always check the small print of any policy and ask direct questions on anything you are unsure of before committing to a policy.

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