TRIBE (17-21’s)

We support young adults all over Northern Ireland with congenital heart disease.

We support each other through loads of different events, we meet up for coffee, go to the cinema together or spend a day out adventuring. One thing we love to do is to hang out together, to get a chance to support each other and to have a chat.

We also have great chances to give back to other families, we know as young adults the help and support we got in the past and so we get a chance to give back. We are registered with the Millennium Volunteer programme and throughout the year we get chances to volunteer at some of the big charity events or even at our local family support groups.

TRIBE Support

TRIBE is part of Children’s Heartbeat Trust, supporting young adults living in Northern Ireland with CHD.

Meet ups

Come hang out with other local young adults living with congenital heart disease. We get together at our regional events for coffee, chat and catch ups.

Summer Residential

Join us for an action packed overnight summer residential! We get to head away together, along with some fantastic people, for a great retreat.


We have all benefitted so much for others helping us and now we get the opportunity to give back to help others. As TRIBE we get the opportunity to volunteer, raise money or just generally help out. All supported by Millenium Volunteers with recognised certificates and merits.

Peer Support

Get the opportunity to meet other young adults living with congenital heart disease in your area. We have exclusive TRIBE events all over Northern Ireland.