In Memory & Legacy Donations

This is a very meaningful way to celebrate your life or the life of a loved one. Your gift can ensure we will be able to support children and young people with heart disease and their families for many years to come. Many people choose to support our work in recognition of the services we have provided to a family member or friend.

Donations in lieu of flowers

One way to celebrate the life of a loved one is to ask family and friends to make a charitable donation in lieu of funeral flowers.

Many funeral directors will be happy to facilitate this on your behalf by collecting donations in lieu of flowers, handling the administration and passing on your donations.  We can also accept donations directly from a loved one’s family.  All gifts received in memory will be acknowledged to the family as soon as possible.


Legacy Donations

Leaving a gift in your will is the most meaningful donation you can give.  This will ensure than even when you’re gone, you can still continue to make a difference to local children and young people with heart disease.


How to leave a legacy?

We advise that you speak to your solicitor about drawing up your will or making an amendment to an existing will to include Children’s Heartbeat Trust.  Please also inform your family of your decision.

You will need to give your solicitor our charity name, registered address and charity number which we have outlined below.


Children’s Heartbeat Trust

Howard Building, HF10,

Twin Spires Centre, 155 Northumberland Street,

Belfast BT13 2JF

Charity Number: NI 102 410


When including a legacy donation in your will, you will need to consider how much you wish to leave and by which means. You may choose to leave a residuary donation – all or a proportion of your estate; a pecuniary donation which is a fixed sum of money or a specific possession like an antique or painting.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on all aspects of a legacy donation and ensure the wording of your will is accurate and legal.


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Please get in touch with us if you choose to leave a legacy donation.

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