Jake’s Ladybird Bags

Jake’s Ladybird Bags are compact travel bags filled full of essentials to equip you for an unexpected hospital stay or transfer to a surgical centre outside of Northern Ireland.

Little Jake Flaherty was two years old when he sadly passed away due to congenital heart disease. Jake, along with his lovely mum and dad, often found themselves facing unexpected hospital visits outside of Northern Ireland, sometimes with very little notice and without much time to pack. This led to Jake’s mum, Julie, thoughtfully creating the first ever dedicated support packs for families travelling out of Northern Ireland for heart operations. ‘Jake’s Ladybird Bags,’ named in honor of little Jake are the first specialised kits for families travelling to hospitals outside of Northern Ireland for treatment. The bags include a range of useful supplies including toothpaste, coffee, socks and toiletries…you might even find a much needed chocolate fix in there too! Julie hopes that the child-friendly design, inspired by Jake and his favourite animal, will give comfort to many families in the years ahead.

“Jake’s Ladybird Bags can provide comfort and support for parents and children as they go through difficult hospital visits away from home. Jake’s spirit was an inspiration to us all and I hope this will continue to let families going through what we went through know someone is thinking of them.” Jake’s mum Julie