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What have we been up to?

George’s Marvelous Medicine

Date: 10th February

We brought the curtain up on our 12-16’s programme for 2018 with a day out to the Grand Opera House. For a few hours we were totally lost in the imagination of Roald Dahl, all brought to life by the amazing cast of George’s Marvellous Medicine. We watched grannies become giants, chickens do some kung-fu and helped George mix his secret medicines, all while roaring with laughter.

Of course no event is ever complete without food! So over some pizza beforehand we got a chance to hang out and to get to know each other. It was amazing to catch up with some old friends and fantastic to see some new faces!


Escape Rooms

Date: 7th April

Well well well… no one seen that one coming did they? Not only did the team manage to escape from Major Plots revenge but they did it with 5 minutes to spare… enough time for a selfie of course! We had a great day and followed it up with some pizza, with enough even for one or two to disappear with a doggy bag for later.

If you feel you missed out…. Simply join us next time!