Although speaking to your family, friends and other heart families can help greatly, we have a private and confidential counselling service free to heart families in Northern Ireland should you feel you would like to speak to a professional counsellor.

Having a child or young person with heart disease or facing the prospect of heart surgery can be an overwhelming experience. It is normal to have feelings of anxiety and stress which can result in disruptions to relationships and family life. It can be helpful to talk to a trained professional that can offer practical guidance and support. Whether you and your family are at the point of diagnosis, facing surgery, living with heart disease or struggling with loss, speaking to a professional can help you to work through your feelings and improve your overall well-being. We have partnered with Inspire Wellbeing to provide a local, accessible service completely free to heart families living in Northern Ireland.  Please call 0800 389 5362 to book an appointment or for 24/7 immediate support.

“Being able to access the counselling service offered by the charity has really been a lifeline for me. Having someone to talk to and to listen to my story at a time in my life that was extremely difficult was invaluable. Thank you CHT for providing such an amazing service.” – Heart Parent