Clark Clinic

We are privileged to work very closely with the team on Clark Clinic to support heart families that have a child on the ward.

Our family support team make regular visits to parents on Clark Clinic offering practical and emotional support such as financial assistance, access to parent accommodation and have plenty of time for a cuppa and a chat should you need a listening ear.

We take the lead from the team on Clark Clinic to purchase equipment and resources for use on the ward. As well as helping to fund pioneering telemedicine equipment in the Heartbeat Suite, we have also supplied items such as toys and games for the Play Specialist to use with patients, comfortable chairs for parents on the ward and sensory equipment to help make hospital life that little bit easier. We fund parent accommodation within the children’s hospital that is available for parents to use when their child is being treated. This allows parents to stay at the hospital in comfortable surroundings, during what is often a traumatic time, both for the child and their parents. This accommodation is especially invaluable to parents who live far away from the hospital.

Hospital Life

Every care and attention will be paid to your child’s needs, both physically and emotionally. The staff of Clark Clinic hope to make the parents and the child’s stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. Here you will find some information to help answer some questions around staying in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children and Clark Clinic.

Ward Admission

When you are admitted to Clark Clinic one of the nurses will go through your paperwork with you soon after you arrive and help you get your bearings on the ward. Ask for an information pack once you have settled in.


Visiting on Clark Clinic is open to parents anytime throughout the day or night and has a strict two to a bed rule. Family members may visit the ward during the day however only parents are permitted to stay beyond 8pm. Children are not usually allowed to visit Clark Clinic unless arranged with the ward Sister.

Ward Rounds

Both Medical and Nursing Staff carry out daily ward rounds. The main ward round is held on Monday mornings, around 9.30am. During the main ward round all members of the care team are present.


The Medical and Nursing Staff will keep you informed of your child’s condition. Some parents find it helpful to keep a notebook handy and write down questions they may have for the medical team. Clark Clinic has a Clinical Psychologist and Social Worker attached to the ward. If you feel you would like to speak to either, ask the nursing team to contact them to arrange a visit.

Children’s Meal Times

Breakfast is served when your child wakes up. Lunch – 11.45am Tea – 4.45 pm

Participation in Caring

The clinicians at Clark Clinic encourage parents and families to participate in the child’s care when possible, just as you would at home. This includes feeding, bathing, nappy changing and playing.

Nappies and Soothers

If your child uses a dummy/soother you must bring your own with you. Parents must also provide nappies for their child. It is best to leave a stock of nappies in the bedside locker.


Children may wear their own clothes. However, the Hospital will accept no liability for the loss or damage to any personal belongings. It is best to wear baby grows or button down pyjamas so the clinical team can cause as little disruption as possible when administering medication, taking scans etc. Wards can become quite warm at times so for parents and visitors it is best to wear layers for your comfort.

Toys and Games

The ward has its own fully equipped playroom, full of toys, games and books. The Play Specialist will organise and supervise activities for the children during the day either in the playroom or at your child’s bed. However, please feel free to bring along your child’s own favourite toy or teddy.

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If you would like to speak to other parents from Northern Ireland that have been in your position and may offer some non-medical advice. Contact us using the links below and we will help you receive this support.

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