Antenatal Diagnosis

We are here to offer support and a listening ear from the very beginning.

Some people find out their baby has a heart condition before they are born. Receiving an antenatal diagnosis can be very unexpected and scary. We can help to put you in contact with other parents that have been in your position.

Once referred to cardiology, it will be arranged for you to see a cardiologist for a further scan. After diagnosis, you will meet a nurse specialist who is there to guide and support you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

Your nurse specialist will be able to give you details about where your baby will be delivered and what to expect during delivery. Additionally, you will be shown around Clark Clinic and the Neonatal unit where you may have to go when your baby is born. Not all babies will have to go to neonatal or Clark Clinic when they are born, it just depends on their heart condition.