Outpatient appointments are an overall review of your child’s heart condition. These appointments are very busy and you will meet lots of people from the medical team who will carry out a range of tests and scans before you meet with your child’s consultant.

Most outpatient appointments take place at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. Other appointments may be held at the Beech Hall Wellness Centre, Belfast or other local hospitals throughout Northern Ireland. This information will be on your appointment letter. There is a car park outside the Children’s Hospital costing from £1.60 to £5 depending on how long you stay. It is important to leave enough time before your appointment to get parked as the Children’s hospital car park is usually very busy and is known to have long queues! Appointments can last a few hours so although there is a small play area with some books and toys, it might be helpful to bring along some of your child’s favourite toys or a tablet loaded with cartoons and games if you have one.

Useful Contact Numbers

Clark Clinic: 028 9615 0306

Catherine Faulkner – Cardiac Liaison Nurse: 078 1043 2732

Rebecca Reid – Cardiac Liaison Nurse: 077 1070 9321

Prof Casey: Secretary (Jacqueline) 028 9615 1398

Dr Morrison & Dr Murray: Secretary (Paula) 028 9615 1399

Dr Sands: Secretary (Rachel) 028 9615 1402

Dr McCrossan & Dr Grant: Secretary (Teresa) 028 9615 1403

Assistant to Teresa (Dearbhla) 028 9615 1404

Clinic Prep (Michelle) 028 9615 1405

Travel Liaison Nurse  (Emma) 028 9615 1406