Meet the team

When you go through Transition you meet A LOT of new people but we think two deserve a special introduction, Jan & Lynda are the special transition nurses at the Royal.

We got them to sit down and answer a few important questions:

Jan Gordon

Name:  Jan Gordon

Official title: Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinical Nurse Specialist

Biggest fear: Giving a talk to a big crowd and losing my voice! (It’s happened) Also SPIDERS!! Yuck

Dream job:  This job, of course. Best EVER!

Strange fact about yourself: I parachuted out of a small aircraft at 2000 ft, the parachute got tangled,  didn’t open soon enough, and I ended up in hospital with incredibly just minor injuries….

If you were 15 again what is one piece of advice you wish you knew:  “Don’t sweat the small stuff”


Lynda Briggs

Name:  Lynda Briggs

Official title:    ACHD Clinical Nurse Specialist

Biggest fear:   Definitely heights. If you ever find yourself bedside me on a long flight ask to move seats!

Dream job: Obviously the job I am doing… but my real dream would be to run an animal rescue centre which would take in both domestic and wild animals for rehoming, rehabilitation and releasing.  I just need to win the lottery first to make it happen.

Strange fact about yourself: I certainly have a few unique skills. When I was 16 I attended circus training classes and learnt to unicycle, stilt walk, and juggle!

If you were 15 again what is one piece of advice you wish you knew:         

Don’t worry so much and don’t hold on to regrets. Teenage years are such a hard time trying to find your path and where you fit in.  I often found myself worrying about school, exams, careers, relationships and having regrets for decisions I made or perhaps didn’t make.  Surround yourself with great friends and family for support and you can get through anything.  Even the negative experiences can help to shape you into a stronger, better person.