Sending your child to school can be an anxious time for any parent, but having a child with a heart condition can bring added worries. It helps to be prepared and have confidence in knowing you have informed the school with everything they need to know about your child’s heart condition and how it may impact on school life.

This may be the first time you have left your child in the care of someone else and it is important that you feel confident that your child is in good hands. We would recommend that you contact the school before the expected start date to discuss your child’s individual needs so that the school is informed about your child’s condition. We have developed a Schools Factsheet that you can fill in and give to your child’s teacher or school nurse.  This is simply a guideline and the school may require further, more detailed information.  If so, contact the Clinical Nurse Specialist at Clark Clinic for advice. View Factsheet for Schools – 2017