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Over the next coming weeks check back here as the 17-21’s begin to go out and about on our adventures! We will keep you updated on where we have been, what we got up to and most importantly… make you regret not joining us sooner.


Escape Rooms

Date: 14th April

The Titanic has just struck the ice berg and the damage to the ship is beginning to look serious. “We think she might be going down, Captain, we need your help, we need to get out of here.” TRIBE found themselves locked on the deck of the RMS Titanic with only an hour before the ship would be going down. We needed to solve the puzzles, find the clues and most importantly get ourselves to a lifeboat! After just over 40 minutes we managed to escape from the room and saved our souls! We had great fun and headed off for a cuppa to get a chat before we all headed off home.

If you feel you missed out, join us next time!