TRIBE Retreat

Get away with other young adults

In July the TRIBE assembled in Newcastle for a “retreat”, usually retreats are seen as relaxing events but at TRIBE we see it kind of differently. We far rather get together and have a laugh and have some activities planned! We all arrived on the Saturday morning in the lashing rain to Greenhill YMCA, got signed in and settled in front of some FIFA while we waited to see if the torrential rain would put an end to our plans. But after a quick chat we decided that it wouldn’t wreck our weekend, instead we would just alter our plans slightly.

First up was some team building games with the nurses and CHT staff. It all got very competitive and I think it is safe to say that we gave up on working as a team and it became every person for themselves. We discovered very quickly that we can laugh at ourselves just as hard as we can laugh at others. Ash made the journey in the horrendous weather to hang out with us in the afternoon. She talked us through the challenges of being a young adult and having to balance a lot of things in our lives, our studies, our work, our relationships as well as our medication. She made us think a bit about looking after the bigger blocks in life and then fitting the smaller things in and around them, sometimes things drop but that’s not a disaster it is all about picking ourselves up and going again.

Saturday night was…. Memorable. We went up to a little cabin for pancakes and smores around a stove. With the comfy seats, a few blankets and the fire it was easy to relax and it wasn’t too long before a guitar was requested. Some people serenaded each other with some old classic songs, while others maybe just knew the opening chords of a few tunes. Everyone gave it a go and got stuck in, playing or singing their hearts out, even if we did have to google a few words.

Sunday morning, and a break in the rain, meant it was time to get out on the lake in the canoe. Some people committed to paddling, others seen it as a chance to sit back and enjoy the view. We stopped off on a little island in the middle of the lake for an explore before we ventured back towards the bus. Unfortunately for an individual splashing everyone, it had not been forgotten, they may have accidentally fallen in as we came close to the shore, “revenge is a desert best served cold.” Sunday afternoon meant time to pack up, play one last game of FIFA and head home for a decent nap on the sofa!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the first TRIBE retreat and to our amazing nurses who got stuck in with us, laughed with us and even tolerated our singing. If you are 17-21, living in Northern Ireland with CHD then get in touch, we would love you to becomes part of the TRIBE.


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