Although congenital heart disease (CHD) affects hundreds of families in Northern Ireland, it’s not always obvious to the general public that a baby or child has a complex heart defect as there may be few visible symptoms. A vital part of our work is to raise awareness of CHD and its impact on heart children and their families.

In May of each year we run a public awareness campaign to highlight CHD and the different ways it can affect the lives of hundreds of children and families across Northern Ireland.

Our aim is to raise awareness, inform and educate the general public about CHD in children.

2018 Awareness Campaign

Every year, around 200 babies are born in Northern Ireland with congenital heart disease

2017 Awareness Campaign

Most parents prepare for first steps. Some prepare for first Surgery.

2016 Awareness Campaign

I’ve My Heart Set on

2015 Awareness Campaign

Ever Been Heartbroken?

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