Keep an eye on your mind.

No one is happy all the time, everyone has days when they feel down, it is totally normal not to be okay all the time. With anxiety we can feel really down sometimes and begin to worry a lot about little things.

Phobias are fears about things which might cause next to no danger to a person.

Panic attacks are sudden bursts of fear which has no obvious reason or may seem unclear at the time. These can have a lot of physical reactions.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is the most well-known form of anxiety. It usually is a behaviour which we need to repeat which seems unreasonable or unnecessary. But there are other generalised anxieties, constant tiredness, being irritable, having tense muscles and even feeling on edge all the time.

If this all seems very familiar to you we recommend you speak to your parents, doctor or cardiologist and tell them how you are feeling. People are out there to help and want to help you put these worries into perspective so you can continue to live your life.