Heart Books

Our series of three Heart Books are a fun and creative way to help your child and any siblings come to terms with their condition. The family of Kerry Crocker, who sadly passed away in 2013, were instrumental in helping to deliver this initiative. They told us of a need to find a way for children to discuss issues and worries around their condition in an informal manner and to take ownership as they progressed on their journey.

Our first book in the series is our ‘Family Heart Book’. This is aimed at the 0-3 age range to record your child’s early years and all the initial thoughts, facts, hopes and concerns. The whole family can get involved as well as the medical staff and other families you meet along the way. It’s a great way to talk about your child’s condition with other people and with your child as they get older. For siblings it can be a very informal way to address any worries they might have and help them express their thoughts and feelings.

‘My Heart Book’ is aimed at the 4-7 age range and has been designed for your child to fill in by themselves and share their journey with friends and family. It’s a time when they are growing more independent and can use the book to express their own personality as well as their own understanding and thoughts on living with a heart condition.

The last book in the series is very different in style to the previous two to reflect the fact your child is growing older and wiser and they have a much greater understanding of who they are. ‘My Journal Heart Book’ is aimed at the 8-11 age range and is a private place to explore feelings and work through any fears as well as celebrate the wonderful things in life.

If you think our heart books would be beneficial to your child, please get in touch with our Family support team.