Charity Information

Children’s Heartbeat Trust has been working since 1984 to provide practical, emotional and financial support to children and young people living with heart disease and their families.

We offer youth and family support services, we fund research and we campaign for the voice of children, young people and their families to be at the heart of all congenital cardiac services.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support children, young people and their families affected by heart disease in Northern Ireland.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of a society that provides high quality and inclusive clinical, practical and emotional support for heart families at each stage of their journey.

Our Values

We are a charity that takes its values seriously. We will act in a principled and responsible way in all that we do and we have a strong commitment to the following values.


From the board, through to our staff team and with our volunteers, we will act in a professional way and always with integrity at our core. We will do nothing to compromise our reputation as a trusted partner in supporting heart families at their point of need.

Heart Family Focused

We are passionate about, and dedicated to, supporting our families and we will do everything we can to provide them with emotional and practical support.

Challenge and Influence

We are committed to delivering the highest possible standards of care and support for our families. Within CHT we will strive to offer high quality support and in the wider environment we will campaign, lobby and collaborate to promote excellent service standards for our families.

Respect and Inclusion

Compassion, dignity and respect are at the core of everything we do.

Partners in Care

We will be at the centre of decision-making that affects heart families. We will engage in co-design, collaborate on initiatives and play a constructive role as partners in care.