Student Bursary

| 9th August, 2023

Applications for Children’s Heartbeat Trust’s Student Support Bursary are now open to any young person living in Northern Ireland with inherited, acquired or congenital heart disease, aged between 16-25 years old. This bursary is available to those already in education or employment and can be used for additional training or education.

Items eligible for funding

The bursary can cover costs up to £500 including: –

-Course Fee

-Transport    – including public transport, parking cost will be considered if relative.

-Resources or other costs which are associated with further education or training.

All courses will be considered if they are shown to have benefit for an individual’s skill base, personal development, and employability within their chosen field of work.

Terms & Conditions

Stage One: –

The application will only be assessed if…

–   The eligibility criteria as set out in application pack has been met.

–  All parts of the application are fully completed.

–  The young person confirms and sends ONE of these, course acceptation/ enrolment letter or evidence.

Stage Two: –

If you are successful in stage one, you will receive notification, the funding will only be awarded subject to…

–  The young person undertaking the course/training applied for.

–  The young person agreeing to forward a copy of their student ID/ registration to confirm their educational/training status.

Stage Three: –

-The young person agreeing to take part in evaluation of the bursary, and any associated marketing and promotion for the charity.

 Please Note: First time applications will be given priority if more applications are received than funds available.

Click the link below to complete an application

The deadline for applications is Friday 18th August, applications will not be accepted after this date.

If you have any further questions, queries or require help completing the application pack please contact the Engagement Officer (Family and Youth) Katie on 074 8313 0853 or [email protected]


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If you would like to speak to other parents from Northern Ireland that have been in your position and can offer some non-medical advice.

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