‘When you have a child with heart disease your journey never really ends’

| 26th January, 2021

Impact Report 2019-20

Heart mum, Julie Marley, took over the writing of Children’s Heartbeat Trust to share the story behind the statistics.

When Julie emailed the Children’s Heartbeat Trust team to say thank-you for the support she and her family had received following her daughter Elayna’s ante-natal diagnosis of a complex heart condition she never imagined it would become a central part of the charity’s 2019-20 Impact Report!  However, that is exactly what happened.

Julie’s words capture the impact of our work much better than we ever could and there is no better way to place heart families at the core of our work than by sharing their stories and experiences first-hand.

“It’s been a crazy year for us and our family but the support of Children’s Heartbeat Trust has made it so much more bearable…

Telling us that we weren’t alone, no matter what happened in our journey you would be there to help.”

Julie’s email set out 10 ways the charity supported her and her family including visiting them in NICU, paying for vital machines and equipment, being a constant and reassuring friendly voice and financial support.

You can read these in full in our report here and find out more about how the work of the charity focuses on putting heart families at the centre of all our services and decisions.



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