Charity seeking reassurances about impact of Brexit

| 31st January, 2019

Retired Paediatric Cardiologist Dr Craig and a Co. Down heart family – the McInerney’s, highlighted key areas we need reassurance about with the UK’s upcoming departure from the EU.

We have had lots of questions about the potential impacts of Brexit on paediatric cardiac services. It’s hard to know amidst the political chaos what it’s going to look like but we do want to reassure you all that we are asking questions and highlighting instances where the Government and Department of Health need to ensure they are continuing to meet the needs of children and young people with CHD here.

To this end we have written to the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health requesting a meeting and have put in a submission to the NI Affairs Committee in Westminster.

While we don’t anticipate disruption to the structures of the All-Island Network we need reassurance that the issues highlighted by Dr Craig and the McInerney family have been full considered and mitigated against.

As advocates for our heart families, we feel a real responsibility to speak up and ensure your needs are understood and addressed when political decisions may impact on services upon which you rely.

Edel and Barry McInerney with their son Fionn


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