Important Caravan Information

| 22nd January, 2018

Important caravan information new booking rules and requirements!

Our caravans in Newcastle, Ballycastle and Castlerock will be open from Easter to Halloween and we will accept requests for booking from 1st February 2018.

Please note that at this time we will only accept booking requests from families who have not enjoyed a stay in one of our caravans during 2017.  From 22nd February 2018 we will open booking of any remaining dates to all of our families.

We will only accept booking requests via email as below and will only accept those which are dated 1st February 2018 and include all of the information requested below. Demand is always very high and we appreciate your co-operation in helping us efficiently manage the allocation of dates. We will work through the emailed booking requests in order of receipt and contact you to advise if we can allocate you a holiday.

Only requests that adhere to the rules below will be accepted;

  • Emails must be dated 1st February – not before!
  • You must include all of the requested info as laid out below.
  • Please do not be vague about dates or locations – we will require exact dates and locations in order of preference. Simply saying ‘any’ or ‘summer’ is not sufficient.
  • Please do not email more than once – you will receive an automated acknowledgment email.
  • During July and August we will only accept full week bookings running Saturday to Saturday.
  • Outside of July and August we will accept any requests for durations up to 7 nights.

Email to: [email protected] with the following info.

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. 1st chosen location and date (eg: Ballycastle 14-21 July)
  5. 2nd chosen location and date (eg: Newcastle 14-21 July)
  6. 3rd chosen location and date (eg: Castlerock 21-28 July)

You can list as many preferences for dates/location as you want

Thanks everyone and good luck!!


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