Summer Blast 2017

| 28th August, 2017

What a weekend! We climbed, drove, challenged and laughed our way through Summer Blast 2017!



Todds Leap in Omagh played host to our Summer Blast overnight residential this year and it’s true what they say, time really does fly when you are having fun!

Thank you to all our fantastic heart teens that came along and took part in lots of different challenges and activities…. turns out we are a very competitive bunch!

A special word of thanks to our specialist nurses and volunteers that supported us throughout the weekend, without whom we simply couldn’t do it.

Check out what our teens have to say and keep your eye on our page for upcoming meet ups. Summer 2017…’s been a blast!


“It’s brilliant, you get to meet people that have other heart problems, get to be more open and can talk about it without being judged. You get so much support from all the nurses.”

Teen, 14, Belfast


“It’s fun and a great opportunity for me to meet people with heart disease.”

Teen, 12, Antrim


“It’s not that we have to talk about everything, we just get to have fun. It kinda shows you what you can do rather than what you can’t.”

Teen, 14, Omagh


Thank you to the team at Downtown Radio and Cool FM Cash 4 Kids for supporting Summer Blast 2017 with a Cash 4 Kids grant.


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