Help us change DLA for children with heart disease!

| 22nd November, 2016


We are supporting a campaign being coordinated by the charity, Little Hearts Matters about making a change to DLA. This is a really important and frustrating issue for our heart families so if you have been affected please contact your local MP as below and encourage them to attend the meeting in Westminster to support having children’s heart disease recognised in the Disability Living Allowance Assessor Pack.


Help us make a change to Disability Living Allowance for children with heart disease.


Why are so many heart children turned down for DLA despite their disabilities? We think it’s partly because heart disease is not given a place in the guidance used by the people who look at claims.


On Tuesday 29th November national children’s heart and adult congenital heart charities are holding a meeting in Parliament to obtain MPs’ support in getting children’s heart disease recognised in the Disability Living Allowance Assessor pack.


We need your help to get as many MPs to attend the meeting as possible.

Please could you write to your MP and ask him or her to present you at the meeting. If you need to find your politician’s name and address, follow this link


You can also find an example of the kind of letter that you might send or email to your MP below. All you need to add is information about your own child, their needs and any problems you have had claiming DLA.

Link to sample letter HERE

This is your chance to help us make a change. Thank you.



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