Fab Fundraiser Friday 15.7.16

| 15th July, 2016

It’s Friday which means another opportunity to thank everyone who has been fundraising for us. The summer so far has been very busy and here’s just a snippet of just some of the wonderful fundraising that’s been going on! Don’t forget to let us know of any fundraising in aid of the charity. Just get in touch with [email protected].


Acorn Integrated Primary staff and pupils were very glad to be able to present Lynn Cowan with a cheque for £345 for The Children’s Heartbeat Trust. Congratulations to all who helped with fundraising.
Michelle Raphael and Emma Millar are pictured with Lynda, Colin and baby Alexis (centre) presenting a cheque for £5,000. Emma and Michelle held a charity ball at Galgorm Manor on 14th May to raise money for Children’s Heartbeat Trust who have provided support to the Millar family and their daughter Alexis who was born with a congenital heart defect. Many Thanks to all who attended and supported the event in anyway.
Fintan McCann and Gemma Mc Laughlin present a cheque for £2,223 to Lynn on behalf of the Greenmount Campus Student Representative Council. They choose Children’s Heartbeat Trust as their charity of the year and held various events for students to attend.
Alfie Keys is pictured with members of Staff from Jones Memorial Primary School presenting Lynn Cowan with a cheque for the Children’s Heartbeat Trust. The school held a fundraising event in aid of the charity who has help Alfie and his family.
Karleah Lemon is pictured presenting Lynn with a cheque for £1,510.49. The money was raised from Family and friends holding a charity football match as well as running the Belfast City Marathon. The family would like to thank everyone who has supported them including local businesses in Holywood.
Leslie Campbell is pictured with Sarah Quinlan on behalf of Killyleagh Primary School who donated £201.00 to the charity in memory of Leslie’s sister Laura Squance. Thank you so much for your heartfelt support.
Mark McBriar is pictured with his sister Nadine and nieces Lily, Evie and Ruby Kirk. Mark recently turned 40 and in lieu of presents asked for donations in aid of the charity who has supported Evie since she was born with a heart defect. £600 was raised and thanks must go to all who donated.

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