Responding to the Dept of Health Consultation is easy!

| 8th January, 2015

The Children’s Heartbeat Trust would encourage all our heart families and members to respond to the current consultation on the future of children’s heart services for Northern Ireland.

It is really important that you let the Department of Health know what you think and the deadline is 23 January so you have to do it before then..

It is really easy for you to respond!

1. The ideal way is to fill in the Response form that is on the Department of Health website – you can find the consultation document and this form at

We have created Guidelines to help you fill in this form.  You can download the guidelines hereConsultation Guidelines


2. We know how busy everyone is so to help with time we have also drawn up two sample letters that you can add your own information to.  We have based these on information and feedback we have had from heart families about their concerns

Sample Letter 1 – families whose child has had or will need heart surgery

Sample Letter 2 – families whose child receives ongoing care and treatment at Clark Clinic.

There will obviously be overlap between these two so feel free to swap around information and definitely add your own thoughts too!

The email address to send this letter to is:  [email protected] 

or you can send it by hard copy to: Congenital Cardiac Services Consultation, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Room 1, Annex 1, Stormont Estate, Belfast, BT4 3SQ

The charity has developed these guidelines and sample letters to help you respond to this consultation but please respond in whichever way you feel best gets across your point, what is the most important thing is that you put forward your thoughts and concerns.

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If you would like to speak to other parents from Northern Ireland that have been in your position and can offer some non-medical advice.

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