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Current Projects

Exercise Intervention Project

2Dr Sinead Callaghan is currently developing a research project looking at exercise and activity in heart children.  The projects main aim is to assess exercise tolerance and daily activity levels in children aged 5 – 10 with CHD.  Through a structured intervention programme of education and individualised exercise prescription Dr Callaghan aims to improve both exercise tolerance and daily activity levels in this group.

Children’s Heartbeat Trust are providing financial support for the Actigraph systems and monitors that Dr Callaghan needs to deliver this project, as well as supporting the intervention days by providing practical coaching sessions with associated activity packs.

 Baby Hearts Study

Children’s Heartbeat Trust are providing additional support to the University of Ulster’s Baby Hearts Study which is a study of risk and protective factors for congenital heart disease.  The aim of the study is to try and help understand whether environmental factors in early pregnancy increase the risk for babies to be born with congenital heart disease.  From the findings the University plan to make recommendations which they hope will help to prevent heart defects in the future.

Children’s Heartbeat Trust have provided IPADs and Translation services for this project so that it can engage with a wide range of expectant mothers.